The official launch of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona organized by GSMA will take place between the 14th to 17th of February. A series of new mobile products will be presented for a first time during the MWC 2011. A lot enthusiasts tremble in anticipation of new Mobile releases. Having this stated probably you are wondering what are the most awaited developments at 3GSM event. One of the Mobile products which review have been discussed for a long time so far is the collaborative development of Garmin and Asus. Its commercial name would be Nuvifone G60. This gadget is a great combination of a modern mobile and full GPS navigation, along with a large touch screen. That innovation makes the fans of mobile phones to shudder in anticipation of World Mobile Congress Barcelona. Sony Ericsson Hikaru is the next highly anticipated premiere by the participants of MWC Barcelona 2011. Although that is still not officially announced, the public liked the preliminary pictures and specifications, and is currently waiting for the beginning of the World Mobile Congress to see “It” live. The new product of Archos, another milestone for the event, also recorded the desired premiere rating. No need to wonder why. It is all about the recently announced Android Internet Tablet. Who would refuse 500 GB, HD playback, 10mm thick body and huge touch screen? The answers may be revealed during MWC 2011. Be the first one to know them.

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